Metal Panel - 1" Omega Foam-Ply® Insulated Aluminum Panel with Stucco Embossed Painted

Metal Panel - 1" Omega Foam-Ply® Insulated Aluminum Panel with Stucco Embossed Painted
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    48 x 120" x 1" Finish Both Sides

    Product Description

    Omega Foam-Ply® 1" Insulated Metal Panels are Painted on Stucco Embossed Aluminum and are an excellent solution for budget-conscious applications in energy retrofits, storefronts, Metal Wall Panels, Exterior Metal Panels, Curtain Walls, and Opaque Glazing Panels, and have an overall panel thickness of 1" (25mm). Featuring an insulating foam core sandwiched between two layers of exterior-grade hardboard and finished stucco embossed aluminum sheets, these panels provide a decorative and economical solution for exterior wall surfaces. Omega Foam-Ply panels are available in 2 Painted colors, Polar White and Regal Bronze.


    1" Omega Foam-Ply Insulated Metal Glazing Panels Specifications Section 08 80 00 Glazing


    • 1.01 SCOPE
      A. Supply 1”Omega Foam-Ply insulated metal glazing panels as manufactured by Columbia Architectural Products, Inc. dba Metal Panel Store located in Beltsville, Maryland 20705 (301)-937-4383
      B. Panels shall consist of metal laminated to stabilizer substrates with an insulating core material. Panels are designed to be glazed into a window system or curtain wall system.
      A. Manufacturer shall have a minimum of 15 years experience in the manufacturing of this type of panel.
      B. Provide all architectural panels from a single source.
      C. Field measurements shall be taken prior to the manufacturing and or cutting
    • 1.03 SUBMITTALS
      A. Manufacture’s Product Data sheets.
      B. Submit three (3) each, samples 3” x 4”
    • 1.04 WARRANTY
      A. Provide manufacture’s standard limited warranty document executed by an authorized company official.
      B. Panel manufacturer shall warrant the panels, it supplies will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from substantial completion.
      C. Panel manufacturer shall warrant that the painted finish will not chalk, crack or peel for a period of twenty (20) years from substantial completion. INSULATED
      A. Materials will be delivered to the site in an undamaged condition. Use care in handling and hoisting of panels during transportation and at jobsite. All panels and component parts to be stored above grade, on pallets or blocking, out of contact with the ground under protective covers, inside the building, or in storage trailers, so as to prevent damage, warping, bending, or condensation from forming between the panels.
      B. Prefinished panel exteriors shall be protected with strippable vinyl masking during manufacture, delivery, storage, and installation. Follow manufacturer’s recommended instructions for the removal of the masking.
      C. All damaged panels shall be removed from the site and replaced with new panels at no additional cost to the owner. All materials shall be new and of the best quality. Materials shall be delivered and stored on site in sufficient quantities to allow for the continuity of the work.
      D. All materials shall be protected at all times from damage of all kinds, including scratches, dents, stains, and deformation. No damaged materials shall be incorporated into any of the work. Protection during installation shall be the responsibility of the contractor.
      A. All products other than those referenced herein, must be pre-qualified (by manufacturer and /or contractor) at least ten (10) business days prior to the bid date for consideration. A contractor entertaining submission of a bid proposal must furnish a sample panel, complete with manufacturers literature describing all materials and manufacturing processes, and additional information as shown below:
      1. 1. Sample must be same type in which bid will be based upon.
      2. 2. Provide documentation showing manufacturer has been in business producing
      3. 3. Provide evidence that the installer has been in business installing similar type products for a minimum of five (5) years.


    • 2.01 DISRIBUTOR
      A. Columbia Architectural Products, Inc. dba Metal Panel Store located in Beltsville Maryland 20705 (301-937-4383)
      B. Other manufacturers offering products will be considered acceptable as equal, provided the materials submitted meet or exceed all of the qualities and design standards as specified herein. Products will be considered acceptable, provided those products are bid in strict compliance with this specification and requirements of this project, (refer to Item1.06, A). The Owner reserves the right to disapprove alternate manufacturers for aesthetic as well as functional reasons.
      A. Panels are to be 1” nominal thickness single face.
      1. 1. Face: .013 aluminum. (stucco embossed).
      2. 2. Finish: as selected from manufacturer’s standard colors.
      3. 3. Substrate: 1/8” hardboard.
      4. 4. Core: expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board.
      5. 5. Back: .013 aluminum. (random finish).
    • B. Panels are to be 1” nominal thickness double face.
      1. 1. Face: .013 aluminum. (stucco embossed).
      2. 2. Finish: as selected from manufacturer’s standard colors.
      3. 3. Substrate: 1/8” hardboard.
      4. 4. Core: expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board.
      5. 5. Back: .013 aluminum. (stucco embossed).
    • 2.03 FABRICATION
      A. Panels are to be produced in a controlled environment using state of the art automated laminating equipment. Heated adhesive applied to each surface by an automated reciprocal spray system assuring an even coverage to the exact thickness required for proper adhesion of all parts. Minimum 100 lb. pressure evenly applied with an automated rotary pinch roller to assure a high strength bond.
    • 2.04 ACCESSORIES
      A. Moldings, angles or stops as required providing a weather tight installation.
      B. Sealants as recommended for use as an infill panel component.
    • 2.05 FINISHES
      A. Exposed aluminum surfaces: All exposed surfaces of insulated metal glazing panels shall be finished with manufacturer’s high-gloss, factory-baked, polyester paint finish standard 2-coat thermo-cured system composed of specially formulated inhibitive primer. Exposed surfaces shall be clean of oils, dirt, and free of blemishes. Color shall be selected by Owner from manufacturer’s standard colors. The back face shall have either .013 random finish for single face panels or .013 stucco embossed aluminum for double face panels.


      A. Verify existing wall opening conditions to determine that all conditions required for installation of panels are within tolerances acceptable and are ready to receive the work of this section.
      A. Verify existing wall opening conditions to determine that all conditions required for installation of panels are within tolerances acceptable and are ready to receive the work of this section.
      B. Use only skilled tradesmen and complete all work in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for the installation of the panels and associated components as well as the approved project shop drawings and these specifications.
      C. All panels shall be installed with setting blocks in a fixed glazed window system as indicated on shop drawings. Install panels and other components securely in place, with provisions for thermal and structural movement.
      D. Exposed surfaces shall be kept clean and free from sealants, metal cuttings, hazardous burrs, and any other foreign materials. Stained, discolored, or damaged panels shall be removed from the site.
      E. Perform all glazing operations to completely seal metal to metal contact surfaces. Use sealants as recommended for use as an infill panel component.
      A. Clean aluminum surfaces promptly after installation of panels in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Exercise extreme caution to avoid damage to finish. Do not use abrasives, caustic, or acid cleaning agents in cleaning surfaces of panels. Thoroughly clean all surfaces of any excess sealant prior to sealant curing, compounds, dirt, handling marks, or other substances by using cleaning agents acceptable to the panel manufacturer. Touch up all scratches, abrasion, blemishes, and other defects in the prefinished metal surface with factory supplied finish materials.
      B. Initiate all protection and other precautions required to ensure that panels will be without damage or deterioration (other than normal weathering) at time of acceptance. Send copy of written recommendations for maintenance and protection of panels to the Owner following Substantial Completion of Panel Contract.

    Tech Data

    Insulated Aluminum Panels - 1" Omega Foam-Ply® Glazing Panel


    • Product Name
      1" Omega Foam-Ply® Glazing Panel

      1. Distributor:
        Columbia Architectural Products, Inc. 10722 Tucker Street Beltsville, Maryland 20705 phone: (301) 937-4383 fax: (301) 937-6850 web:

        1. Panel Description
          Omega Foam-Ply® panels are an excellent choice for low cost retrofit window applications. This product features an insulating core and has an overall panel thickness of 1" (25mm). Manufactured to fit standard insulating and storefront extrusions, the panel provides a decorative, yet exceptionally strong surface with excellent wind and impact resistance.

          Omega Foam-Ply® panels can be cut on site with standard carpentry tools. All panels are masked to protect them throughout the installation process.

          Panels can be cut on site with standard carpentry tools. Traditional, one piece moldings are recommended for use with Omega-Ply® panels. All panels are masked to protect them throughout the installation process.

          For long lasting performance you must prevent water intrusion by caulking properly. Omega Foam-Ply® panels may be damaged by water intrusion. Hardboard stabilizers as well as some foams will absorb water causing unsightly swelling, corroding of face metal, and a loss in R value. Panels must be properly sealed to prevent damage. Dissimilar metals in contact cause electrolysis. Provide adequate separation between aluminum panel faces and backs and other metals.

          Stock sizes are 48" widths x 96" & 120" lengths. Available in 3 stucco Embossed colors.

          1. Panel Composition

            The 1" Omega Foam-Ply® panel is made up of .013 aluminum stucco embossed face, 1/8" exterior hardboard substrates, Polystyrene foam core, and .013 stucco embossed back on the double faced panels and .013 aluminum random finish back on single faced panels.

            1. Features & Benefits:

              The Omega-Ply® veneer glazing panel offers durability and beauty to the building envelope. Applications include;

              Fascias, In-fill panels, sunrooms, Storefronts, opaque glazing, spandrels

              1. American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)

                * ASTM B209-96 - Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and Plate

                * ASTM C481-94A - Laboratory Aging of Sandwich Construction

                * ASTM E84-96A - Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

                * ASTM E330 - Structural Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference .

                Load: 65 lb/sq. ft. 46.5" span AAMA L/175

                Wind Load Rating: Panels fastened 4' O.C. will with-stand 160 mph equivalent wind based on ASTM E330 static load. deflection limited by AAMA L/175 for same size glass panels. 250 mph. 24" O.C.

                1. Columbia Architectural Products, Inc. Manufacturers of Fine Architectural Products
                  Product manufactured by Laminators Inc.

    Anodized Advisory

    The color variation on anodized aluminum is the result of many factors. Aluminum has several alloying elements, primarily Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Silicon and Zinc. Chromium and Titanium may also be added or present as impurities. The main impurity in aluminum is Iron. The alloying elements and impurities present create many different types of intermetallic particles in the aluminum. The number, size and distribution of these intermetallic particles can vary from extrusion to extrusion as well as by the wall thickness and part geometry. This is particularly the case on wider extrusion surfaces and some variation should be expected along the length of those surfaces. Additionally, anodizing is not an opaque coating like paint, but rather a translucent to transparent coating that results from the conversion of the surface aluminum into aluminum oxide, i.e. an anodic coating. The apparent color resulting from the anodizing process is highly dependent upon the intermetallic particles present and their orientation in the aluminum. Therefore the apparent color of anodized aluminum will vary from run to run and also when observed from one angle or another. In addition to that, small variations in anodizing process chemistry as well as (in the case of color anodized work), the amount of tin metal filling the anodic porous surface will have a slight effect on color variation. Because aluminum alloys and the process itself have variation, it is not possible to anodize to a specific uniform color. Some variation should be expected as a perfect color match is not practical or even possible. Our suppliers provide some of the tightest color ranges for exterior color anodized finishes but it all starts with the aluminum substrate. In summary the orientation and type of alloy particles, thickness of coating, viewing angle, (the greater the angle – the thicker the anodic film being viewed), color (lighter colors show more variation), alloy, temper or hardness and the anodizing process itself will all result in real and apparent color variations in anodic films. This adds to the soft, natural beauty of this long lasting aluminum finish. A reasonable analogy would be the difference between painting a piece of wood and staining it. The stain on wood, like anodizing aluminum, allows the natural variation show through. That is simply part of the uniqueness and beauty of anodizing.