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Aluminum Composite Panel - 4 mm Rain Screen Gasketed System - ALUCOIL ACM Panels

Aluminum Composite Panel - 4 mm Rain Screen Gasketed System - ALUCOIL ACM Panels
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    Product Description

    Our CAP Series Aluminum Composite ACM "GRS" Gasketed Rain Screen panel system is a drained, back ventilated rain screen incorporating a flexible, non cracking rubber gasket in the reveal between each panel. This gives you a crisp appearance without the time consuming application and clean up mess of caulk. The results is a clean tightly sealed panel system for buildings, aluminum composite material wall panels, metal soffit, and metal storefronts..

    The gasketed rain screen Series "GRS" comes with fabricated panels and shipped-loose, “track” extrusions. The fabricated panels include a mitered “frame” extrusion, and factory attached to the routed and returned edges of the panel that fits conveniently into the field installed horizontal and vertical “track” extrusions. While CAP’s Series "GRS" rain screen is not completely resistant to water, any moisture that may permeate the system will subsequently drain through the mitered track behind the panel and weep through holes along the bottom edge. While any remaining moisture is designed to evaporate, the outside wall is not designed to act as a water/vapor barrier for the building.

    Product Number Equivalents:
    Firestone Una-Clad Series 1200, Series 1500. Also Firestone Una-Clad Series 2500, 3000UC, 3200, 4000, & 4500 are equal to our CAP ACM Rain Screen


    Aluminum Composite Panel- Rain Screen Gasketed System
    4mm Alucoil ACM Fabricated by Columbia Architectural Products in our Factory
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    Aluminum Composite Material Panel - Rain Screen Gasketed System